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What We Offer Seniors

Center I is a small, progressive school that offers experiences that will ultimately lead the work as ACPS redesigns High School. We offer a Senior Experience that is designed to provide an introduction to the college world while still under the watchful eye of a K-12 environment.  To accomplish this we partner with our local community college to offer college classes on a college schedule.  The classes offered meet core High School graduation requirements with Composition I and II and US Government I and II counting for the English 12 and US/VA Government graduation requirements.

Our classes run on a college schedule meeting twice a week (either M/W or T/H) on 16 week semesters.  The end result is that students earn the credits they need to graduate, earn college credits, and get time back in their schedule to manage as they see fit. With the extra time Center I students have done things like put more hours into a part-time job, get connected into an internship, or simply use the time to keep up with their coursework in their Senior year.

A common question among prospective students, what does participating at Center I look like on my transcript?​  Center I is simply an extension of your High School campus.   A high school transcript with successful college coursework would obviously make for a stronger candidate and as you think about compelling experiences to share in college essays, we believe a student who has participated in the Senior Experience at Center I would have a unique perspective to share.​

At Center I, we can also support Seniors with their capstone project ​work. Students can opt into a self directed learning experience where, with the support of Center I faculty, complete a Senior capstone project in an area of interest. A Senior capstone project can comprise of one large project or a number of smaller ones. The outcomes of the project are determined by the student and may include high school course credit, earning an industry recognized credential, and/or completion of a robust portfolio to support career and college aspirations.

Seniors may also participate in our ICT pathway electives.




Students attend every other day and continue to attend their base high school on the opposite day. Students remain eligible to participate in performances, athletics, and activities as part of their base high school.


Students can ride the ACPS shuttle bus or provide t​heir own transportation to Center I.​ The bus leaves at 9 AM after all busses arrive and returns by 4 PM in time for after school events.


Students request to enroll in courses at Center I in the parent portal while course requests are open or by registering through their school counselor. There is no application process. PVCC courses do have qualifying scores on VPT, SAT, or PSAT as applicable per course.​