Update: We were not able to meet minimum enrollment in these courses to begin in Fall 2022.  We will offer this again during the next registration period with intent to start offering the courses in Fall 2023.

Starting in the Fall of 2023, students at Center I can begin a path towards industry certifications, a career certificate, and/or an associates degree through Piedmont Virginia Community College within Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, or Computer Programming.

Eligible 11th and 12th graders can add a four course package to their schedule with classes to be taught by PVCC Professors on the Center I campus during the school day at no cost. (Note: Four college courses take the time of two high school courses.)

The four courses include:


CSC 110 - Introduction to Computing

ITN 101 - Introduction to Network Concepts


ITD 132 - Structured Query Languages

ITP 150 - Python Programming

Here is how it fits into a student schedule:


Courses at Center I

11th or 12th


Social Studies



Here is the big picture:
[Link for full size document.]

Eligibility Requirements:
Students must have a 3.0 GPA or meet PSAT/SAT/ACT minimum qualifying scores.

Continuing at PVCC after High School:
While this coursework can be beneficial for all students regardless of their path after high school, it is also part of the G3 program at PVCC.  From the PVCC G3 WebsiteThe G3 initiative is designed to change lives! With G3, PVCC offers a variety of programs that “stack” to in- demand degrees and prepare students for high-demand jobs. Through the program, eligible students pursuing jobs in high-demand fields can have tuition, fees and books fully covered.

High School Diploma + 1:
Students starting the PVCC IT program at Center I in their Junior year will have an opportunity to continue into their Senior year while specializing in one of the three pathways.  This will have students poised to complete their Associate's Degree one year out of high school.  You can check out the full schedule of courses in high school and beyond within this document.