Senior Capstone Projects

Every icta Senior will complete a Senior Capstone Project.

A Senior Capstone Project is a student-led performance or presentation of a product where students provide evidence of application of core content, and growth in their development of the lifelong learning competencies and career/college readiness.

Building Blocks of a Capstone Project

Peer Consultations - Students organize a group of peers to present their learning for feedback and revision. This is typically done at milestones within a project.

Student Led Conferences - Students present their learning to their parent/guardian.

Exhibition - Student project exhibitions showcase final stages of work to peers, staff, and community members.

Capstone Project Components

While planning and designing their Senior Capstone Project icta students ​are consulting with staff to include the following components:

  • Evidence of growth in the lifelong learning competencies.
  • Work or community based learning experience.
  • A reflection of the overall experience.
  • Presentation/Defense of learning to a panel selected by the student consisting of community members, staff, and students.

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